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Step By Step Guide To Bathroom Renovations

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Completely over that original, shallow old bathtub? How about those wonderful funky peach coloured tiles from the 80’s with mould spreading along the grout? Leaking dated taps from last century?

Are you ready to treat yourself and your family to something special, a special place where you can close the door and be at peace. Here’s our guide on how to plan a bathroom renovation from ensuites to showers.

It’s Time!

Whatever the many reasons for considering a complete or partial bathroom makeover, there’s one thing that’s clear: deciding to totally remodel your bathroom is both exciting and a little nerve-racking.

Turning Idea Into Reality

You’ve ripped pages from bathroom renovation magazines, bookmarked websites and you’ve got your new bathroom ideas planned in your head, turning those ideas into reality can often be daunting. After all, a total bathroom reno can be a major investment.

So where should you begin?

Here are our tips that work a treat for every full bathroom renovation we work on. These actionable steps on how to plan a bathroom renovation help break down the process of creating your dream bathroom, turning it into reality.

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1) Talk to Different Companies

Once you’ve gathered your ideas together, it’s time to talk with the experts. Talking with someone who listens to your ideas and vision is key. A specialist will advise you on what’s best, and suggest possibilities you may not have thought of.

By talking to a bathroom renovation specialist, you’ll be thrilled with the final outcome, without exceeding your initial budget, or make the wrong choices. Experts will help you find the perfect balance between what’s practical and what’s beautiful.

They’ll help you create a beautiful space which will stand the test of time. Ideally, your bathroom is a place to unwind, a place to de-stress, and to start your day on the right foot.

Sinking into a hot bath at the end of a long day can wash away your troubles, putting you in the right frame of mind for the weekend.

Making the right decisions from the beginning will save you headaches, time and money along the way.

As we mentioned bathroom makeovers can be expensive. Does your budget stretch to match the pictures you’ve gathered? Is it practical, well laid out to make the most of the existing space? Is it in keeping with the rest of your house?

Discussing your cherished ideas with a technical design expert will help focus your ideas and bring them into reality on the drawing board. At the end of the day, successful total bathroom renovations should be exciting and fun, not stressful.

 Discuss your ideas on lighting, cabinetry, tap ware, bathroom tiling options,  layout ideas and more…

They are a great opportunity to let loose your inner creativity, creating a luxurious space for you and your family to enjoy and relax in for years to come. Careful strategic planing in the initial stages is key to a perfect outcome Which is why it’s so important to plan things out well from the very start.

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2) Setting A Realistic Budget

Knowing exactly what you want is crucial in setting your budget. How much do you want to spend? Before setting your budget, ask yourself these questions:

Costs vary greatly on all complete bathroom renovations. Depending on how much you need to budget for, depends entirely on the ideas you have, specific requirements and cost of materials. Drawing up an estimated cost of goods is a key part of the exciting initial planning stages.

Remember to be realistic along with careful research,so you have a good understanding of what’s available, when it’s okay to cut costs, such as including both a bath and separate shower in the ensuite, and where it’s most definitely worth spending a few extra dollars!

If you choose to go with a bathroom renovation specialist Cranbourne, they’ll give you an estimate first. Afterwards, you’ll work together with their experts to help you source and select all the items your bathroom makeover will need.

The bathroom renovation company will suggest ideas and alternatives you may not have thought of. In working together you’ll be able to achieve the look, layout and style at the budget you’ve set for your dream bathroom.

So, you’ve decided to go solo. Still talk to the specialists, they’ll be able to suggest ideas and points to consider. Make sure to talk to a few tradesmen to get an idea of the costs of the tradesmen and suppliers you’ll be hiring. There will always be unexpected hiccups along the way so give yourself a buffer zone of about 10% in case of unexpected emergencies!

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3) Choosing the Best Bathroom Renovation Company Team!

You’re so excited, you’ve got butterflies in your stomach. This dream has been a long time in the making and you can’t wait to see the finished product. You can’t wait for the bathroom renovation specialist tradesmen to rip out the old and to immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of your sparkling new bathroom.

But wait.

Tradies. How to plan a bathroom renovation involves hiring a variety of trades. Make sure you carefully select professional builders, plumbers, painters and electricians you can trust. Choose the wrong team and the renovation will be far from smooth!

Another aspect you may not have taken into account, bathroom renovations means at times the bathroom is not available to use. If you don’t have friendly neighbours, or a second bathroom, you may have stay somewhere else for the meantime.

A reputable company will employ reliable, experienced and trustworthy tradesmen who will get the job done right on time, and within your budget. They will allocate a project manager who will oversee all the work. Your project manager will provide you with regular updates and quickly solve any issues that may arise.

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4) Action Time- It’s All Happening!

How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation

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The floors from your entrance to the bathroom are protected by dropsheets to prevent any damage to floors once the work begins in ripping out the old bathroom.
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Stripping Out The Old Bathroom

This is where the fun begins. We carefully pullout and remove the existing bathroom interior, minimising dust and debris.

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Powerpoint Positions

This is your opportunity to have extra power points added. New electrical wiring and power points will be installed

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Plumbing Works

All major plumbing is carried out. Drains and pipework are repositioned or extended.

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Wall Preparation

New walls are built where required and waterproofed in readiness for tiling. Water proofing is carried out in accordance with Building Code Of Australia

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Fixtures Installations

Professional tradesmen will install bathroom fixtures – correctly lay the shower base, position the bathtub and install cabinetry for example.
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Tiling Works

Tiling is where the magic begins to take place. Tiling is installed using top quality adhesives and sealants by master tradesmen.

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Connecting Plumbing

All the plumbing is connected. Your bathroom is partially functional once again. Plumbing will be tested

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Painting, Shower And Mirror

Painting of walls and ceilings. The shower screen is installed along with bathroom mirrors.

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The Handover

Once the bathroom renovations are finished and signed off on for quality control, it’s time to hand over your fresh, new bathroom. We hope you have years of enjoyment ahead.

With all the strategic planning well and truly underway, the design and layout decided upon, and the supplies ordered and on the way, it’s time to put your team into action! Below are the steps we take in transforming clients’ bathrooms. By following these steps, your bathroom dreams will slowly begin coming to life.

Being able to communicate openly with a friendly team makes a world of difference throughout the renovation works. Being able to trust and have faith in the tradies you work with, makes the process all the more enjoyable. They’ll ensure you meet current regulations, while keeping your vision on track.

And there you have it in a nutshell! All you need to know about creating and building successful bathroom renovations in 4 simple steps.

Already envisioning yourself relaxing back in your bath scented with essential oils, a glass of bubbles at hand to celebrate your new luxurious light and airy bathroom?

Sometimes the DIY job isn’t always worth the headaches. Employing a professional company like Absolute Bathroom Renovations Cranbourne means you’ll get the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Working with your experienced project manager, along with our reliable and talented tradies, we know you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for, within your budget and on time.

All without sleepless nights and without pulling any hair out! So if you’d like to chat with us, see who we are, and ready to turn your long dreamed of visions into reality, talk to us today. We’d be happy to be part of your journey in bringing your dream bathroom to fruition.

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Your Bathroom Renovations Cranbourne Craftsmen.

All our projects are custom-made to each client’s preferences and needs.

Please contact us to request more information about your new bathroom design today.

Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling Services

Common Questions

Questions our bathroom renovator specialists are asked.

How Long Will My Bathroom Be Out Of Action?

Each bathroom remodel Cranbourne project is unique and as such, we can’t give you an exact time frame. We can provide an estimate on your initial contact, as each bathroom takes different amount of time to complete as they are custom designed and built.

Generally, renovations don’t take a long time. Even a full bathroom makeover may only put your bathroom out of action for a short while.

What Is The Average Cost Of Renovating?

The cost depends on the allocated budget and nature and size of the work required. As custom built bathrooms vary widely in style, size and fittings, costs will vary depending on the different designs, fittings and materials you would like.

We will provide a detailed upfront quote for the project incorporating all costs and the allocated time frame. You are fully informed of the cost of your renovation without any hidden costs.

Saving You Money – Low Overheads

We keep our overhead costs low. We accomplish this in a couple of ways.
We don’t have a large showroom or huge warehouse with thousands of dollars of inventory. Those savings are passed on to you.

Secondly, our close relationship which we have built up over with our quality suppliers gives us access to access to a wide range of exceptional products.

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