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Why Consider Renovating The Laundry?

You spend a lot of time in the laundry, but that area of the house can often be an afterthought. It’s common for the laundry to be too small, especially if do a lot of washing, or dark, pokey and small. Are you thinking of a laundry renovation to make the best use of the existing space?

Our team at Absolute Bathroom Renovations  makes sure your laundry renovation Cranbourne is carefully planned for maximum use of space.

A well laid out room makes the process of doing laundry easy and efficient. Since laundry rooms tend to be small, they need to be practical and maximize space and workflow. Many people also use their laundry rooms as storage spaces, so it’s a good idea to think about the other functions that your room can serve.

Laundry Renovations Cranbourne

At Absolute Bathroom Renovations, our designers are all qualified craftsmen. They are highly skilled and experienced professionals with years of hands on experience.

Renovating your laundry room can allow you to use the space more creatively and make the space feel more comfortable. Read on for tips about what to consider when renovating your space. If you are looking for laundry renovations near me, chat with us today.

we can help you with your small laundry renovation cranbourne

Main Priorities When Renovating Your Laundry


Since laundry rooms tend to be small, it’s a good idea to include lots of storage to make the room as functional as possible. Shelving units can be installed on the walls to help maximize space and avoid clutter for your small laundry renovation project.

Also think about adding a counter or table near your dryer to allow for easy sorting and folding. If you have front loader machines, you can even create a work surface right on top of the washer and dryer.

Another way to improve the functionality of the space is to include drying racks. Use the space up above your washing machine and dryer to install racks. Air drying your clothes in winter will save money and power, and can help preserve your delicate pieces of clothing.

Lastly, consider a folding ironing board which can be flattened and packed away when not in use.


Wherever you decide to put your laundry room, make sure that you have good ventilation to the outside. Laundries generate a lot of heat and moisture, so you need adequate ventilation to reduce moisture, decrease lint build-up and reduce the risk of dryer fires.


Since you’re working with a small space, it’s important to plan out the area to make sure that everything will fit properly. One important thing to make sure of is that there’s enough space in front of the machines to empty and fill them. There should also be room to comfortably fit a hamper or laundry basket.

Make sure to also check that there is enough clearance space to allow doors to open easily. If your machines are front loading, they shouldn’t open the same way — this will cause the doors to bump into each other when they’re both open. Instead, you want the doors to open in opposite directions so that you can easily transfer clothing from the washer to the dryer.


It’s a good idea to install light fixtures that allow for both general and task lighting. Overhead lighting systems like LED lights will light up the whole space. It’s also a good idea to install spot lights and pendants to light up smaller work areas, which will help with tasks like sewing and ironing.


Flooring is another important thing to consider for laundry renovations. In case of leaking or flooding, you want something that will withstand water damage.

Ceramic, porcelain or vinyl are all good choices for laundry rooms. Tile flooring is a popular choice as it’s waterproof and easy to clean.

For the best protection against floods, think about installing a floor drain. This may require you to change your plumbing and it is not possible in every space, but it is worth looking into whether it is possible.

Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling Services

Common Questions

Questions our bathroom renovator specialists are asked.

How Long Will My Bathroom Be Out Of Action?

Each laundry renovation in Cranbourne is unique and as such, we can’t give you an exact time frame. We can provide an estimate on your initial contact, as each bathroom takes different amount of time to complete as they are custom designed and built.

Generally, renovations don’t take a long time. Even a full bathroom makeover may only put your bathroom out of action for a short while.

What Is The Average Cost Of Renovating?

The cost depends on the allocated budget and nature and size of the work required. As custom built bathrooms vary widely in style, size and fittings, costs will vary depending on the different designs, fittings and materials you would like.

We will provide a detailed upfront quote for the project incorporating all costs and the allocated time frame. You are fully informed of the cost of your renovation without any hidden costs.

Saving You Money – Low Overheads

We keep our overhead costs low. We accomplish this in a couple of ways.
We don’t have a large showroom or huge warehouse with thousands of dollars of inventory. Those savings are passed on to you.

Secondly, our close relationship which we have built up over with our quality suppliers gives us access to access to a wide range of exceptional products.

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