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Ensuite Renovations Cranbourne

What is an Ensuite?

It’s a bathroom, large or small, which adjoins the bedroom. Have you ever been in a bathroom room that has a toilet and a shower or bath off the master bedroom? That’s what an ensuite is. 

The ensuite bathroom is only accessible through the room and entirely separate to the family bathroom. They usually vary in size. They can either be small and moderately sized or spaciously big and luxurious depending on the available space. We can renovate to suit your preferences whether you are looking for modern bathroom renovation, or a bathroom which will be sympathetic to the era of the home.

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Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Why Renovate an Ensuite?

There are various reasons why people decide to renovate their existing ensuite. Some chose to renovate either to update the tired old look, or to enjoy more functionality. Updating the shower or bath can be a quick and easy makeover to begin with

Those are not the only reasons. In case you are wondering why you should renovate, here are a few reasons.

  • In case your ensuite is experiencing various faults, such as old plumbing, leaks or tiles falling off the wall then upgrading your ensuite is worthwhile.
  • If you have problems with the (lack of) space in your ensuite, then you could consider renovating. Rearranging the space and adding clever storage solutions allows you to add more storage and space to your ensuite.
  • In case cleaning your fittings and fixtures is a challenge, then you have a good reason to renovate. Changing access and the room design offers easier access and ease of cleaning.
  • In case you want an eco-friendly ensuite, then renovating is a must. It allows you to replace traditional fittings with green and energy-efficient fittings.
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What should you consider when renovating an Ensuite?

When people are considering ensuite renovations, they are mostly concerned with the cost of those renovations.

However, the fact is beyond the cost of small ensuite renovations, other factors are equally important. They include:

  • Design and Style.
  • Storage and Space.
  • Functionality

Remodeling your ensuite can be a stressful experience without full and effective planning of the renovation process. Working with a supportive team with hands on experience and innovative ideas will avoid and reduce stress so at the end of the small ensuite renovations job, you have light, fresh and beautiful space to start and end your day.

The tradesmen at Absolute Bathroom Renovations can provide precisely that. We offer our expert team who are ready to listen to your needs and create a spectacular space in which to spend time in. Start your day in beautiful surroundings.

If you’re looking for a great result, contact Absolute Bathroom Renovations and bring your imagination to reality.

Thinking about ensuite bathroom renovations for your tired bathroom to make it a more inviting space to start your day in? There’s a lot to consider before you begin, especially as remodeling can be an expensive exercise. Here are our tips and tricks on how to plan a renovation.

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Bathroom Renovation And Remodeling Services

Common Questions

Questions our bathroom renovator specialists are asked.

How Long Will My Bathroom Be Out Of Action?

Each bathroom remodel Cranbourne project is unique and as such, we can’t give you an exact time frame. We can provide an estimate on your initial contact, as each bathroom takes different amount of time to complete as they are custom designed and built.

Generally, renovations don’t take a long time. Even a full bathroom makeover may only put your bathroom out of action for a short while.

What Is The Average Cost Of Renovating?

The cost depends on the allocated budget and nature and size of the work required. As custom built bathrooms vary widely in style, size and fittings, costs will vary depending on the different designs, fittings and materials you would like.

We will provide a detailed upfront quote for the project incorporating all costs and the allocated time frame. You are fully informed of the cost of your renovation without any hidden costs.

Saving You Money – Low Overheads

We keep our overhead costs low. We accomplish this in a couple of ways.
We don’t have a large showroom or huge warehouse with thousands of dollars of inventory. Those savings are passed on to you.

Secondly, our close relationship which we have built up over with our quality suppliers gives us access to access to a wide range of exceptional products.

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