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Bath and shower installation Ballarat

Professional bathroom renovation specialist in Ballarat. We install all types of baths, tubs and showers and models

Our dedicated team at Absolute Bathroom Renovations are fully licensed and insured bathroom installation professionals. Our client satisfaction is important that meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service.

Whatever your bathroom renovation works, full shower and bath installations, replacing shower screens and bases, replacing old tiles with brand new, to simple makeovers, we excel with our exceptional customer service.

are you struggling to choose between a bath and a walk In shower?
You are not alone.

To install a shower or a bathtub?

This is a good question and many home owners get stuck on this question.

Houses with only 1 full bathroom will benefit most from having a combination shower over the bathtub. If, in the future you consider selling, a bathtub can be a deciding factor for many families. If you have multiple bathrooms in your home, consider,

  • If there’s a bathtub in your guest bathroom, replace it with a walk-in shower for more space.
  • If there’s a tub in your master suite, consider keeping or updating it for resale purposes.

Tubs can be difficult to get in and out if you have mobility issues. A walk-in shower is easy to access without compromising on style. Both styles have their pros and cons.

To find out which option is best for your bathroom remodeling Ballarat, contact us for advice.

Professional bathroom renovation specialist in Ballarat. We specialise in the installation of baths, tubs and showers of all types .

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Common Questions

Questions our shower and bath installation specialists are asked.

Should I Get A Bathtub Or A Shower?

When renovating, there is a mindset that homes should have tub. They are useful for a lot of families with small children and pets.

And if you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation and eliminating your home’s only tub, it’s important to recognize that you will end up alienating potential buyers whenever you do decide to sell.

Should I Install An Over Bath Shower?

In an ideal world and bathroom renovation, we’d prefer to have enough space to install a bath tub as well as a walk in shower. While the compromise of deciding on one or the other is a factor, the best solution is to install an over-bath shower.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this has to be a compromise. There are many very different and beautiful shower over shower options available.

Some Shower & Bath FAQ"s

How Soon Can I Use My Shower?
While we use quick set adhesives, we recommend you don’t use your new shower for a minimum of 12 hours.

Do I Have To Be Home?
No. Our team are honest and trustworthy. You can be safe in knowing your home will be in safe hands.


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