Common Questions

Questions our shower and bath installation specialists are asked.

Should I Get A Bathtub Or A Shower?

When renovating, there is a mindset that homes should have tub. They are useful for a lot of families with small children and pets.

And if you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation and eliminating your home’s only tub, it’s important to recognize that you will end up alienating potential buyers whenever you do decide to sell.

Should I Install An Over Bath Shower?

In an ideal world and bathroom renovation, we’d prefer to have enough space to install a bath tub as well as a walk in shower. While the compromise of deciding on one or the other is a factor, the best solution is to install an over-bath shower.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this has to be a compromise. There are many very different and beautiful shower over shower options available.

Some Shower & Bath FAQ"s

How Soon Can I Use My Shower?
While we use quick set adhesives, we recommend you don’t use your new shower for a minimum of 12 hours.

Do I Have To Be Home?
No. Our team are honest and trustworthy. You can be safe in knowing your home will be in safe hands.


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